Clark Nolan

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Clark is a passionate and experienced grill master who is dedicated to helping others learn and enjoy the art of grilling. He is a trusted resource for grillers of all levels, and his advice is based on his many years of experience and his deep knowledge of grilling.


  • Certified Grill Master
  • Author of the book "The Ultimate Guide to Grilling"
  • Host of the popular grilling podcast "Clark's Grill Talk"


Clark is a certified grill master with over 20 years of experience. He has grilled everything from burgers and steaks to seafood and vegetables, and he is a master of all types of grills, from charcoal to gas to electric. Clark is the author of the book "The Ultimate Guide to Grilling," which is considered to be the definitive guide to grilling, and he is also the host of the popular grilling podcast "Clark's Grill Talk."


Certified by the National Barbecue Association and the Kamado Joe Grill Academy

Expertise: Griling

Education: Kamado Joe Grill Academy

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Title: Writer