Camp Chef Pellet Grill Review: Is It Worth It?

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A Camp Chef pellet grill is top of the class for smokers and is also an excellent value for those who don't have the budget or space for a larger grill.

Camp Chef pellet grills are perfect if you don't want to deal with the hassle of charcoal or if you're looking for something low maintenance.

Camp Chef is a company that makes high-quality grills, smokers, and accessories. Their products have high-quality components and are very user-friendly. A Camp Chef pellet grill offers convenience and consistent results, whether you're on a camping trip or cooking at home for the family.

A Camp Chef pellet grill offers a variety of sizes and options to fit your needs and they all come with a warranty! In addition, Camp Chef grills are easy to use and can be operated using just one hand.

Who Is Camp Chef?

If you love outdoor cooking, you've probably heard of Camp Chef. This Utah-based company was founded in 1990. Its goal is to provide quality, durable outdoor cooking equipment for people of all abilities.

The quality of their equipment is unsurpassed. And because of their dedication to outdoor cooking, their products are proven to perform well even when they're in the middle of the wilderness.

For 20 years, Camp Chef has been making high-quality grills. They have remained committed to making delicious food, and their products are always built to last. For example, they have a WoodWind series with an optional gas attachment and cast-iron cookware with a True-Seasoned finish. Their products have been at the forefront of innovation in the cast-iron and pellet grill space.

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Why Are Camp Chef Grills the Ultimate BBQ Grills?

Since its founding in 1990, Camp Chef has been bringing people together with its portable and quality cooking products. Its grills and camp stoves are easy to use and convenient to carry wherever you go.

Camp Chef stoves, grills, and skillets will help you create the perfect campfire meal. In addition, the company offers cast-iron cookware, a variety of cooking accessories, and more. While there are many advantages to owning a Camp Chef product, the company's quality is an essential feature.

When it comes to cooking outdoors, grilling is a summertime necessity. Americans head to their backyards, patios, and decks to grill delicious foods during warm weather.

Grilling is a staple of American culture and requires high and low temperatures to prepare food. The versatility of a Camp Chef grill helps you reduce the number of different cookers you need and increase the range of cuisines you can prepare.

You can also use these grills for cooking in a hurry. The grills allow you to cook in minutes, making them ideal for fast and easy meals. In contrast, barbecuing requires significant cuts of meat to be simmered. These grills can cook all kinds of meat, from chicken to steaks to fish and vegetables. They're made with durable stainless-steel construction and are easy to clean.

Camp Chef Pellet Grill Review: Is It Worth It?

Camp Chef is an American grill brand.

They're known for their high-quality, durable grills, and the brand's longevity is a testament to the quality of their products. They offer a variety of different options for different types of cooking, whether it be smoking meat, roasting vegetables, or baking bread.

Is the Camp Chef pellet grill worth the price? In this article, you'll learn about the different models. Which is better? Let's get started! Here are the advantages of each model.

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill w/New PID Gen 2 Digital Controller

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The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellets Grill is designed for convenience and has been praised for its patented ash cleanout system. The company has been making quality pellet grills for over twenty years, and this new version is no exception. It is easy to use and clean and offers a wealth of features. Listed below are some of the pros and cons of the SmokePro DLX.

The DLX grill features an integrated temperature probe and a built-in cooldown function. This feature helps settle food to an appropriate temperature while cooking it. This is especially helpful when cooking chicken, steak, or pork.

Aside from temperature control, the DLX also comes with a probe-style thermometer that eliminates the need to cut the meat or open the lid to check the temperature. Instead, feed the probe through a particular hole and plug it into the grill's main panel.

It also has an auto-ignition system, an 18-pound hopper, and a shelf between the legs. A nonstick porcelain grate eliminates the need for many greases, which means healthier food for you and your family.

The smoker DLX features a direct-heat grilling space. It also has a warming rack. The grill weighs over 100 pounds and has sturdy wheels. The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX is the ultimate in convenience and performance. It is a high-quality smoker that can change how you cook your barbecue. For a great barbecue, invest in this Camp Chef grill. It's sure to please you and your guests. So what are you waiting for? Get your new grill today!

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill

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Camp Chef 36 in. WIFI SmokePro SGX Pellet Grill & Smoker

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The Camp Chef SmokePro SGX is a powerful pellet grill perfect for high-heat cooking and low and slow smoking. It has a wide temperature range, which reviewers praise, and direct flame grilling. Unlike the Z Grills 700D, which lacks direct flame grilling, this grill features a natural heat source on the left side.

This model is the largest in the SmokePro series, boasting slide-and-grill technology. A WiFi connection makes it easy to manage your cooking sessions and monitor your cooking progress.

The SmokePro SGX has an electronic temperature display. The grill surface is adjustable from low 160 degrees to 650 degrees, so it's perfect for smoking. Slide and Grill technology helps you easily switch between direct and indirect flame cooking. The digital display also monitors the internal temperature of the food as it cooks. An ash cleanout system and grease management system make cleanup quick and easy. This grill is also compatible with the Camp Chef Connect app.

Camp Chef has a reputation for making top-quality pellet grills at an affordable price. This Camp Chef model is comparable to the first-generation Traeger Pro Series yet is much cheaper. This grill is an excellent choice for people looking for their first pellet grill.

Camp Chef 36 in. WIFI SmokePro SGX Pellet Grill & Smoker

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Camp Chef 24 in. WIFI Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker with Sear Box

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The Camp Chef 24 in. WIFI Woodwind Pellet Grill is the perfect addition to any camper's kitchen. This grill uses wood pellets to provide heat and has several features that make cooking with wood pellets both convenient and healthy. The wood pellets are fed into a central fire pot, and a heat diffuser pan helps distribute the heat evenly. You can cook various foods with this grill, and the temperature of your food will vary based on the number of pellets in the hopper.

The Camp Chef Woodwind 24 uses hardwood pellets for its fuel, and it can maintain cooking temperatures between 160degF and 500degF. The grill's advanced Smart Smoke technology controls the smoke level, while its PID controller lets you simultaneously monitor four meat probes. The grill is also built with a built-in cover and durable powder-coated steel.

With an ash collection system that allows you to empty the hopper, the Woodwind pellet grill has an impressive 22-lb hopper (although most pellets come in 20-lb bags). This grill features a convenient hopper cleanout chamber too.

Cleaning the grill is easy, and the ash management system is simple. All you have to do is vacuum it once a month.

The Camp Chef Woodwind grill has a lot of options for adding more fuel. Its cover protects the grill body from damage. The Pellet grill blanket fits all Woodwind sizes. This helps reduce heat loss and maximize fuel efficiency. Its WiFi capability is convenient and valuable. You can even set the temperature on your phone and play corn hole while grilling!

The Camp Chef Woodwind grill's exterior is well-made. The wheels are rubberized, allowing you to move them quickly. The grill body is made of painted steel. The barrel is made of thicker steel than the hopper lid. It also features a convenient window to monitor the food inside your grill.

Camp Chef 24 in. WIFI Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker

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Pellet vs. Charcoal Grills

When it comes to deciding between a pellet grill like the Camp Chef pellet grill or charcoal grills, there are a few things to consider. First, what are the general differences between the two grills? And second, what is the difference in cost? In the end, the decision really depends on the experience you are looking for when you’re spending time grilling or smoking food.

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between the equally loved pellet and charcoal grills.

General Differences Between Pellet and Charcoal Grills

An excellent way to compare pellet and charcoal grills is by comparing their flavors.
A wood pellet grill offers a less intense smoky flavor than a charcoal grill, but be careful – not all pellets and charcoals are the same. Charcoal grillers swear by the deeper smoky flavor of good-quality lump charcoal. Nevertheless, many say they dislike the taste of steaks cooked on instant-lighting charcoal briquettes.

When comparing these two types of grills, the most significant difference between them is their temperature range.

A Camp Chef pellet grill is like a smoker and a grill. However, charcoal grills require the replacement of briquettes and are more difficult to clean. A pellet grill is easier to maintain and clean than charcoal grills. Although pellet grills are more expensive, they are the best choice for cooking outdoors, and you can enjoy the aroma and taste of smoky foods at a lower price.

Pellets for barbecue wood smoker

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Which Is More Affordable?

Charcoal grills are a classic, but there are several reasons why a pellet grill might be the better option for you.

While charcoal grills are generally more affordable, you can't forget all the money you'll spend on charcoal and wood chips over time. Good quality charcoal can easily cost $20 per bag, and the price of those bags will add up over time.

In addition, while you have to buy bulk pellets at first, which could cost $100 plus, they're much more affordable than charcoal and wood chips. A bag of pellets will last you several months, unlike a bag of charcoal that might last you a few days to a week.

Even if you consider yourself an avid griller and cook your food on the grill all summer, the initial investment in a pellet smoker or a Camp Chef pellet grill should pay off within just a few short months!

Which Camp Chef Pellet Grill Is the Best?

Which is the best Camp Chef pellet grill for the money? There are two main types. The SmokePro DLX Pro. Both have similar features, but the DLX includes a meat probe. You can also switch between brands and flavors. The SmokePro DLX pellet grill won our competition because of its features. Its price is a bit higher, but its quality is worth it.

There are many different types of the Camp Chef pellet grill. Typically, the smallest pellet grill has only 500 square inches of cooking surface, while the largest has 1,236 square inches. This range is comparable to what many mid-range models have to offer.

The Woodwind Camp Chef pellet grill also provides several features. Features include an LED temperature readout, Smart Smoke Technology, two thermometer probes, an automated auger, a warming rack, side shelves, a bottom utility shelf, and an ash cleanout system.

While appearance is important to some people, many consumers don't think of color as a significant factor when choosing a grill. Color is a matter of preference. To you, a blue grill may look better than a red one, so consider that when comparing models, consider your choices. If you plan to smoke more oversized items, look for one with a larger pellet hopper. Almost all Camp Chef pellet grill models boast a 22-pound hopper.

A Camp Chef Pellet Grill Is the Easiest Way to BBQ

Pellets are the most convenient way to barbecue.

A Camp Chef pellet grill uses a pellet-based fuel that produces the aroma and flavor of wood smoke. The grill has a plethora of advantages over charcoal-fired BBQs. Unlike charcoal, pellets are free of chemicals, making them a safer alternative. The cooking time of a pellet grill is generally between 10 and 25 minutes.

A Camp Chef pellet grill is more expensive than a traditional gas grill, but it will use fuel more efficiently. The cooking area determines how much food you can cook at a time. You can choose from different size grills based on your needs. A good choice depends on your needs and budget.

A Camp Chef pellet grill allows you to clean ashes easily. Unlike charcoal, you don't need to remove the grill grate or heat shield before cleaning. In addition, a Camp Chef pellet grill allows for more smoke influence at a lower temperature than other models.

Almost every Camp Chef pellet grill reaches over 500 degrees F, which is good. While some owners have complained about their grills not getting hot enough, this may be a problem with their pellets. Check the user manual and see if the manufacturer offers any replacement parts. If this is the case, consider using a different brand of pellets. Make sure that you buy the correct pellets to maximize their heat potential.

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX pellet hopper

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Final Thoughts On the Camp Chef Pellet Grill

A big bonus to the Camp Chef pellet grill is its universality. They can replace your existing gas grill and are compatible with attachable accessories, like the sear box. You can also cook multiple foods with the side kick sear box. The stainless steel construction of this model makes it easy to move and doesn't tip over easily. The grill also has two wheels that make it easy to transport. Unlike other grills, the Camp Chef pellet grill doesn’t need to be assembled.

Another big advantage of the Camp Chef pellet grill over a charcoal grill is convenience. The Camp Chef pellet grill is much easier to use than a charcoal grill because it doesn't require you to light the coals and wait for them to get hot before you can start cooking. You open the lid, turn on the heat, and wait for the grill to preheat. Once it's ready, you add your food and close the lid; no need to worry about flare-ups or keeping the temperature steady throughout the cooking process.

While several other pellet grill companies come close to Camp Chef, this company is still on the top of the food pellet grill list. While competition keeps manufacturers on their toes, it also forces them to improve their products, prices, and value.

The Camp Chef pellet grill is still on top and that means you are getting an excellent value for your money.

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