Char Griller 980 Review, Is It Worth Buying

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People love to eat pork butt, briquettes, chicken, burgers, and other various kinds of meat prepared on a grill, as it brings out the best of the flavor in it. Some of you may be on the verge of purchasing your first grill. Others may want to upgrade their cooking space, while others may only require a few new components and accessories to prepare for a summer of great grilled food.

Because grilling employs high heat, it seals in all the delicious liquids, keeping all the flavor and your meal soft and moist without needing high-calorie oil, butter, or other sauces. Instead, sprinkle on some spices to make healthy and delicious meat and veggies.

A charcoal grill is a home grill that cooks food with lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes as the heat source. Wood chunks and lighter fluid are used to start the hot coals, usually situated beneath the grill grates. Learn more about the trending charcoal grill named “Char Griller 980” and its review.

What Is Char Griller 980?

Char Griller has been producing high-quality charcoal grills for over 25 years. They decided to build a charcoal grill that could start quickly, conveniently regulate the desired temperature, and provide temperature versatility, all without sacrificing flavor, after hearing time and time again that food cooked on a charcoal grill delivers exceptional flavor.

The Gravity Fed 980 Charcoal Grill from Char-Griller has refined the charcoal grill. It also comes with a digital LCD controller with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The porcelain-coated flame shield and fire channel also have a precision control fan. The Char Griller also has a back slide damper and an included meat probe. It also has an easy dump ash pan for a fast clean-up. Best of all, it comes with a one-year warranty. In 20 minutes or less, you may get from 250°F to 700°F! There's no doubt that this is the pinnacle of grilling and smoking. Thus, preparing ribs, burgers, etc., on such an efficient charcoal grill is easy, and it also tastes good.

This grill combines gravity with innovative digital technology to give the original taste of charcoal while maintaining precise temperature control for a stress-free cooking experience. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can precisely dial in your desired temperature and monitor the grill and food temperature from your mobile device.


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About the Company

Char-Griller® is a leading name in gas and charcoal grills and smokers, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Char-Griller has been manufacturing innovative and cost-effective grills and grilling accessories since 1994. Barbecues like the Super ProTM, DuoTM, and AKORNTM are the core of a brand that is changing the way America grills.

At Char Griller, they understand that a grill makes delicious food and creates lifetime memories. They are concerned about their consumers and their families and producing high-quality goods. Their range of smokers and accessories is affordable to hardworking families.

Char-Griller began decades ago with a distinctive charcoal barrel-style barbecue, and since then, they've expanded their line to include Dual Fuel, Kamados, Kettles, and more. These grills and smokers have proven to be as dependable and trustworthy as the families and friends who will gather around them. The Georgia brother and sister combo that started the Char Griller still proudly owns and operates the firm. So please look around their site, choose your grill, and join the Char-Griller family.

Char Griller® Gravity Fed 980 Charcoal Grill

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The Char Griller® Gravity Fed 980 Charcoal Grill is the ultimate charcoal grill, providing unrivaled flavor and versatility in a fraction of the time.


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The Char Griller Gravity Fed 980 Charcoal Grill creates some of the purest smoke flavors you'll ever taste from a barbecue. This allows you to experiment with adding more smoke flavor to your cuisine while reducing the risk of making it bitter. The Char Griller Gravity Fed 980 Charcoal Grill provides excellent value for money. It can do all of the functions of the top grillers on the market more efficiently.

The remarkable temperature range is one of the features that sets this griller apart from others. It heats evenly across a broad cooking surface at temperatures ranging from 250 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. You can perform low and slow cooking or hot and fast cooking for steaks and chops, which will turn out perfectly in both cases. Few grilling products can effortlessly smoke ribs for up to 6 hours and also sear steaks in 6 minutes.

The makers ensured that the Char Griller Gravity Fed 980 Charcoal Grill would last for years in terms of long-term durability. Unlike the competition, the Gravity 980 grill's highest wear points have been porcelain-coated to guarantee that this griller functions for many seasons.

The Char Griller Gravity Fed 980 Charcoal Grill features porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates. A porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grate combines the grilling qualities of cast iron with the convenience of a porcelain coating that is easy to clean. A porcelain-coated flame barrier and fire channel are also included.

Qualities of Char Griller 980

Some of the various qualities of the Char Griller 980 are discussed below:

Built Quality

This Char Griller is made of high-quality materials. It has hefty metal, which means it will endure longer. In addition, it features a barrel lid that is insulated. A porcelain-coated grate and a triple-walled hopper are also included, and it is larger and heavier in size. It is big enough for approximately 8 ribs, 8 chicken, 7 shoulders, and 6 briskets.


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The hopper remains on the Char Griller's left side, where you load the charcoal and combine pieces for cooking before lighting it from the bottom. The air is kept on the coals by a blower that blows through the room.

This Char Griller also has a controller that tells you if you need additional heat or whether you should turn it off till you do. It implies you can use the controller to control the heat or temperature.

As that charcoal burns, it is replenished by fresh charcoal above it, ensuring that it has a constant supply of charcoal. There's an ash bin down there where the charcoal burns and the ash falls into this pan, making clean up a breeze.

Cooking Chamber and Grates

This charcoal barbecue is enormous and heavy. It features a total cooking surface of 980 square inches, including 680 square inches on the main bottom rack. The dimension is around 36 by 19 or 18 and a half inches. And having such a vast kitchen area encourages people to prepare for a larger group.

This Char Griller 980 comes with 5 easy-to-clean porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. Because these grates are small, you can clean them in the dishwasher. Furthermore, it also includes a single long grate that can smoke a large amount of food.


This grill also has a front shelf, which is a good feature. People enjoy having a place where they can put things down. You won't have to rush to keep or carry items while you make food.


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Heat Deflector and Drip Tray

This Char Griller comes with a heat deflector and a drip pan. This heat deflector can slow cook, smoke, and bake. The heat deflector reroutes heat from your grill so that everything cooks evenly on all sides simultaneously. One of the essential upgrades to the master built gravity series is this.

Grease can damage your deflector, so keep this kit clean. And all of this might have a negative impact on the food. However, the covered drip or grease tray may be removed and cleaned.


At the bottom, a big manifold acts as a channel for directing heat. The manifold lifts the fire over the top of the grill, preventing side-scorching and allowing for great cooking. In addition, the manifold appropriately distributes the hopper's heat to the food.


A PID controller is included with this gravity 980. A PID controller successfully regulates and maintains speed and temperature in this griller. Its Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled LCD controller allow you to manage the temperature of your grill and keep an eye on your food from your phone.

A power button will turn it on, and a set temperature button will let you choose the temperature range between 200 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it's really simple to use. You turn it on, set the temperature to 500 degrees, and wait for it to reach the desired temperature. Then, with a timer, the two probes, and a turbo setting on the fan, you'll be able to perform anything from smoke to sear.


You can open and close a damper at the back of this grill to help heat retention and smoke retention or the opposite whenever you need it.


There's a little rubber wheel on it. They allow you to stabilize the unit by balancing it in place.


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Tray for Ash

The ashtray on this barbecue collects all the ash and tiny pieces of charcoal. The hopper's tray is positioned at the bottom. There's also a greased pan integrated inside the grill.

Fan Box

The right side of the hopper has a fan box attached to it. The fan's job is to move heat and smoke from the hopper into the cook chamber. When you're finished, remember to close it and open it again when ready to utilize it.

Slide Damper

Another thing to keep in mind is that it includes a slider that controls the amount of heat and smoke that enters the cook chamber. As a result, until you move this slider out of its current position, smoke and heat will not be allowed to travel through. So, when you've finished cooking with the charcoal, pull out this slider and set it in the proper spot.

Getting Started With Char Griller 980

Charcoal grilling can be made simple and hassle-free with a bit of preparation. Read further to learn how to get started with the gravity-fed charcoal grill, including using a charcoal chimney and setting up heat zones, keeping your smoker at the appropriate temperature, and cleaning it properly after each cook.

Filling Your Charcoal Chimney

Fill your chimney with charcoal around 30 minutes before you want to start grilling. After that, get a Firestarter or crumple up newspaper. Place the newspaper or Firestarter on the grill or a bare asphalt patch. Finally, light the newspaper and place the charcoal chimney on top.

Stay Patient

The purpose of a charcoal chimney is to eliminate the use of lighter fluid. Their form allows heat to go from the bottom to the top of the chimney, resulting in hot coals in a fraction of the time it would take to place charcoal in the grill, but you should stay patient. After 20 minutes, the charcoal is usually ready.


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Dumping the Charcoal

The coals are ready to dump when nearly all of your charcoal has developed an ash layer. You won't have to worry about throwing hot coals into the grill, thanks to Char-Griller's innovative Chimney design. Instead, lift the lever to discharge the hot coals from the bottom of the chimney, which fall directly into your grill.

Setting up the Heat Zones

It's time to set up your heat zones after the coals are in the grill. First, spread the charcoal across the grill's bottom if you want direct heat. Or reposition your charcoal to one side if you wish to indirect heat. Finally, you can dump your charcoal into the Side Fire Box if you're trying to smoke on your barbecue.

Closing the Lid

Substitute the grates on the grill and close the lid once the coals are ready. Closing the lid is an important step that many people overlook. Before you begin cooking, allow the grill to come to temperature for the grates to heat up. It takes a little more patience, but the extra 5 to 10 minutes are worth it.

Start Grilling

The Coal is hot, and the grill is sizzling. The grates are ready to go. Now that the meal has been prepared, it's time to fire up the grill! Setting up your charcoal and grill ahead of time may seem inconvenient at first, but it makes a huge difference. You will notice a difference if you correctly set up your Char-griller 980.

How To Shut Down and Clean Char Griller 980?

The key to extending the life of any grill is to keep it clean and well-maintained. So please continue reading to learn how to correctly shut down your Gravity 980 and maintain it clean and functional for a long time!

First and foremost, when closing down your gravity fed charcoal grill after a cook, always wear Grilling Gloves to tend to the hopper, fire shutter, or latches. The hopper and locks will be scorching, but the gloves will protect you. When you're done with a cook, press and hold the Power Button for 2 seconds to turn off the controller and disconnect the grill from the power supply. Insert the fire shutter after closing the rear adjustable smoke damper and fan door.

Ensure that the main grill lid, charcoal hopper lid, and ash pan door are firmly closed and secured. You should also scrape down the grates of your Gravity 980 after around 15 minutes. Cleaning your grates and emptying the greased pan after each cook is advised. Before applying a light application of flaxseed or similar vegetable oil, wash your grates with the Grate Scraper.

To make cooking and cleaning more accessible, ensure your gravity is cool before opening the bottom hopper door and emptying the ash pan after each cook. To guarantee that no lit coals remain, firmly tap the charcoal grate to release any refractory ash, and always throw the ashes into a metal container and cover them with water.

Let your grill cool completely before applying your custom-fit Gravity 980 Charcoal Grill Cover.

Final Thoughts

If you want the best grilling season possible, the Char-Griller® Gravity Fed 980 Charcoal Grill is a must-have. The griller was developed over more than 24 months by the manufacturer, Char-Griller. The Char Griller Gravity Fed 980 Charcoal Grill has been the most extensive project they've accomplished, from its idea to design, engineering, product testing, and mobile app development. Finally, it shows in the finished product. You can make restaurant-quality smoked meals like ribs or brisket with the Char-Griller® Gravity Fed 980 Charcoal Grill.

Many consumers gravitate to the charcoal grill segment because of the category's value-oriented retail pricing points. Many stay because they love the flavor, but some depart for easier-to-control and-use grills. The new Char Griller Gravity Fed 980 is a product that gives exceptional taste while also being easy to handle and manage as a gas or pellet grill.

With all of this in mind, the answer to the question "Is it Worth Buying?" is a resounding "Yes."

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