Sizzling Steals: The Best Charcoal Grills Under $100

Grilling is more than a means to cook food; it’s a cherished activity that brings together friends and family for memorable outdoor feasts. While the market is flooded with high-end grills boasting an array of sophisticated features, a quality grilling experience doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. This is good news for those of us looking to indulge in the art of charcoal grilling without breaking the bank. In this exploration, we’ll take a closer look at the Weber Original Kettle 18-inch Charcoal Grill and the Char-Griller E1515 Patio Pro Charcoal Grill, two models that prove that you can enjoy the classic taste of charcoal-grilled foods for under $100. These grills are not only budget-friendly but also come packed with features that make grilling both enjoyable and convenient.

Weber Original Kettle 18-inch Charcoal Grill

When the weather turns warm, and the backyard beckons, nothing compares to the sizzle of a grill as it brings flavors to life.

However, the quest for an iconic grill does not have to come with sticker shock. For aficionados of flame-cooked fare who don’t want their wallets to go up in smoke, there are options that balance cost and quality.

Starting off, if you’re looking for the charm and durability of a classic, look no further than the charcoal kettle grill. A mainstay of cookouts for decades, this grill’s simple design, featuring a deep bowl to hold charcoal and a tight-fitting lid, delivers consistently delicious results. Add in vents for heat control and an ash catcher for easy cleanup, and you’ve got a winner that won’t break the bank.

Portable gas grills offer convenience for condo-dwellers or tailgaters who prize mobility without sacrificing the grilling experience. Compact, easy to fire up, and quick to clean, these grills make a prized companion for any outdoor event. What’s more, many portable gas grills come with solid build quality and enough grilling space to feed a small gathering effortlessly.

Pellet grills are gaining in popularity and for good reason. They bring the convenience of gas and the flavor of smoke together in one high-performance package. While top-tier models can be pricey, there are emerging brands that offer budget-friendly versions. These grills allow you to smoke, roast, and even bake, turning every meal into a gourmet experiment.

For those with an appreciation for smoky flavor and a hands-on approach, look to drum smokers. They may not have the bells and whistles of their high-end counterparts, but these cylindrical wonders are champions of low and slow cooking. With a little know-how, you can convert a traditional 55-gallon drum into a smoking powerhouse that rival the taste produced by pricier models.

The classic two-burner propane grill still stands as a go-to for efficient and effective grilling. It heats quickly, offers ample cooking space, and many come equipped with side burners to widen your cooking capabilities. Look for models with sturdy construction and a decent BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating for the best value.

Finally, there’s something inherently satisfying about flipping burgers on a flat top grill. Usually found in professional kitchens, residential versions bring the versatility of a griddle to your home. Perfect not just for burgers and hot dogs but also for pancakes, eggs, or a stir-fried feast – budget-friendly models are available that don’t skimp on performance.

Remember, the secret to a fantastic grilling experience doesn’t lie solely in the price tag of your equipment. Mastery of the flame, understanding timing and temperature, and an appreciation of good, simple food will make any barbecue a hit. With these affordable options, any grill enthusiast can create memorable meals infused with the irresistible charm of smoke and sizzle. So, light up the briquets, turn on the gas, or plug in the pellet hopper—it’s time to grill.

A variety of grills showcasing different types, sizes, and styles of grills for all grilling enthusiasts.

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Char-Griller E1515 Patio Pro Charcoal Grill

For those with space constraints yet eager to sizzle up some savory sensations, allow us to shift focus onto the mighty electric grills. These marvels of modern cooking technology have been honed over time to bring the barbecuing experience right to your countertop or balcony without the need for vast expanses of patio.

Electric grills excel in environments where open flames might raise brows or bylaws. Apartments, condos, and townhomes can finally join the grilling game. These grills usually require nothing more than an electrical outlet. Look for models with high wattage for that desirable sear on steaks or crisped-skinned chicken. Many electric grills now boast non-stick surfaces and precision temperature controls, making them a dream for keen grillers seeking consistent results.

Infrared grills are the unsung heroes in the compact category. These grills use radiant heat to cook food, eliminating hot and cold spots and ensuring an evenly cooked meal with every use. The intense heat can sear meat quickly, locking in juices for a delectable finish. They’re often compact enough to sit on a small table or balcony ledge without dominating the space.

Lastly, for the die-hard traditionalist yearning for the campfire feel in a scaled-down package, consider a cast iron hibachi-style grill. These units, while small, deliver on the promise of a high-heat, smoke-kissed feast. Though they may be heavier due to their material, their durability makes them a wise investment for frequent grillers. Plus, they can double up as a heat source or a stove-top when placed over flames, making them wonderfully versatile for those with limited storage who crave the smoky flavor of charcoal grilling.

Finding the right compact grill isn’t about downsizing ambitions; it’s about matching inventive solutions to space and lifestyle. Every balcony, patio, or kitchen can transform into a haven for grilling enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on quality and flavor. Grill on, space savers – the feast awaits!

Image of a compact grill showing its sleek design and small size, perfect for small spaces

Photo by evanthewise on Unsplash

Embarking on the quest for the perfect backyard barbecue doesn’t require a large investment—with the right charcoal grill, you can achieve that desired smoky flavor and make grilling a pleasure. The Weber Original Kettle and the Char-Griller Patio Pro are outstanding examples of how you can bring home the traditional barbecue experience at an affordable cost. Both grills embody the essential aspects of charcoal grilling: consistent performance, durability, and ease of use. Whether you’re a novice on the lookout for your first grill or a seasoned pitmaster seeking a budget-friendly addition, these models stand as testaments to the fact that great value can be found without compromising quality. So, fire up those briquettes and get ready to savor the delectable results that these charcoal grills have to offer.

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