Smoker Grill Combos: Today’s Top Sizzling Picks

If you're an in-demand, super busy backyard chef who is tired of cooking the big hunks of meat in the slow cooker or has no patience required for a DIY project on your existing grill, you will want to read this. 

And even if you're just dabbling in the grilling world, this article is still for you. 

Become more knowledgeable about your outdoor cooking options and better equipped to make the best decision for yourself and all of the folks who will benefit from your culinary artistry. The tool of choice is the smoker grill.

What a Smoker Grill Combo Actually Is

Let's define what a smoker grill is before getting into the various options. 

As the name implies, a smoker grill combo is an expertly designed combination of a smoker and a grill in one outdoor cooking appliance. There are various designs of the smoker combo: the electric smoker combo, gas grill combo, wood pellet grill, and charcoal grill combo. Some of these appliances are more advanced than others.

Regardless of type, the main objective of any smoker grill is to give you the ability to simultaneously use them as a grill or smoker while delivering perfectly cooked food. The beauty of the smoker grill combo is that it is significantly less expensive than separately buying the two items.combo smoker with meat cooking

Types of Smoker Grill Combo

Because of the varied tastes and preferences of buyers, there are several types of smoker grill combos. There are grill combos perfect for the novice griller, as well as expert grill options. Charcoal briquettes produce very flavorful meats, but so do wood pellets, or propane and wood chips or pellets combined.

Here are some of those smoker grill combos to help you make the best decision.

Charcoal Smoker Grill Combo Types

The original and very practical charcoal grill smoker combo is still offering up plates of yummy, charbroiled goodness. Here are a few of the popular models of this type.

Offset Smoker Combo

The offset smoker is known for its need for supervision, but many satisfied customers have discovered the extra work pays off.

While it might be a real feat for a grilling rookie to properly start the firebox, there are a ton of educational videos on YouTube that show different methods to get it smoking. The offset smoker and grill combo is a popular commodity, even with the extra work it incurs. It all "broils" down to the flavor the offset charcoal smoker offers.

Kamado Grill Combo

When you hear "Kamado," you likely think of the Kamado Joe. However, there are a handful of cheaper versions of the same type of grill smoker combo. The shape of these Kamado grill combos provide amazing temperature control because they're well-insulated. The Kamado grill allows more control over your cooking and more versatility. The combo can be a roaster, a smoker, and a grill all in one. It's also easy to clean and maintain.

Kettle Grill Combo

Another charcoal grill with many fans is the kettle grill smoker combo with its deep and round shape. The charcoal briquettes are stacked on top of one another rather than spread out into the bottom of the grill. The grill is well-insulated, making it a natural-born smoker, roaster, baker, baster, and grill.

The kettle grill has great temperature control and a great temperature range. If you're unsure of what to cook on your kettle smoker grill combo first, the Food Network says they are "good for foods like chicken, a side of salmon, or a leg of lamb that you want to cook low and slow until they're done."kamado grill

Wood Pellet Grill Combo

The wood pellet smoker combo is often referred to as the "set it and forget it" grilling choice — and for good reason. Cooking is easy and simple. Often compared to the classic charcoal grill combo, this offers a break in the babysitting duties. A bag of pellets will last at least a few months. The ash pan clean-up duties are much easier than it is with a traditional charcoal grill. 

One of the most highly sought-after pellet grill smoker combos is the Camp Chef or Pit Boss line of grills, which we have previously reviewed.

Gas Or Propane Smoker Combo

First, propane is an excellent option for smoking meats and grilling on a whim. The gas grill smoker permits you to have smokey, fall-off-the-bone meats anytime with no hassles! A propane or gas grill smoker is notoriously easy to set up and just grill. A gas grill smoker combo gives you consistent and delicious results without the exhaustion of fussing over it.

Electric Grill Combo

An electric smoker combo or a propane smoker combo will be one of the easiest options for a beginner or busy homegrown grill master. Experts at Home Depot agree, saying, "The heat generated by natural fuels will fluctuate more than the steady and consistent heat generated by the electric or gas smoker combo."

Electric smoker combo options are quickly gaining popularity because of the amazing cooking results on a budget and the least risk of grilling mishaps.

Why You Need the Smoker Grill Combo & Our Top Picks

We know the allure of buying your smoker and grill separately. Buying a smoker will result in tender and juicy meats, but without the option to grill. Purchasing a smoker alone will cost at least $400! A good grill setup will cost you at least $100 if you hit a good sale.

Buying both cooking appliances could result in at least a $500 hit to the pocketbook, and probably more.

With that information tucked away for future use, it is time to take a closer look at these excellent smoker grill combo choices we have researched to help you save time, money, and potential headaches in your quest for the best.

Z Grillz ZPG-450A 2022 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

The Z Grillz ZPG-450 A is the new and improved version of an iffy, problem-plagued 2020 edition. It has a brand new electric controller and a higher temperature range. 

Z Grillz has a reputation for listening to its consumers. When issues with the 2020 edition were brought to the company's attention, Z Grillz was determined to fix the pellet grill smoker combo. The Z Grillz ZPG-450A now has a 180-degree to 450-degree temperature range. The electric controller is more efficient for low and slow cooks.

This smoker combo goes even further to fulfill its 8-in-1 purpose to bake, roast, BBQ, char-grill, sear, grill, smoke, and braise.

Z Grillz ZPG-450A 2022

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How It Works

The Z Grillz ZPG-450A smoker combo is a great time and money saver for anyone who loves outdoor cooking but doesn't love to sit and babysit the appliance all day. You set your desired temperature after you fill the hopper with 100% hardwood pellets and you're basically finished.

You can feed the wood pellets into the pellet grill's hopper; the grill's hot rod arm ignites the fire as the auger feeds them to the induction fan, and VOILA! You get to cooking.

The electric controller ensures a consistent temperature for exceptional cooking. That's why it's called the "set-it-and-forget-it" grill combo!

The 450-square-inch Z Grillz wood pellet smoker grill combo has a double grill cooking surface for cooking different meats, seafood, and veggies at different levels of heat. You can't go wrong with free expert assembly and a free grill cover that Z Grillz is offering now.

This do-it-all wood pellet grill combo allows for more time with the family, yard work, inside chores, or even the coveted Sunday afternoon snooze.

Char-Griller E56720 Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill & Smoker

With your Akorn Kamado charcoal grill smoker combo, you'll rediscover the joys of being outdoors with the family and your best buds drooling over the drool-worthy smells of childhood barbecues again. This is the smoker grill combo made for having cold ones and creating fond memories.

How It Works

The bottom goes deep enough for indirect heat cooking as a smoker does. However, the Kamado charcoal grill also has a cast iron grill grate that's high enough for cooking with direct heat.

Preheat the grill smoker combo to your desired temperature before you start cooking. You can adjust the heat by opening and shutting the dampers on the top or bottom of the grilling unit. The Char-Griller has a 200 to 700-degree Fahrenheit temperature range and three layers of insulation to start your cooking off right.

The Akorn Kamado grill combo gives you 447 square inches of cooking surface with a two-tiered cast iron cooking grate; the top cooking grate is removable for a bigger cooking surface. With this Kamado charcoal grill, you've got two shelves of added cooking space on which you can prep the food. When you're done with the shelves, simply fold them away. 

It has a detachable ash pan at the bottom that you can easily take off, clean, and replace. Let the Akorn Kamado grill do the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy the sunshine with some of your favorite people.

Before you know it, you have perfectly grilled or smoked barbecue!

CHar griller

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Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS1382VCS-D HD Offset Smoker/Charcoal Grill

With the Dyna-Glo Signature Series vertical smoker, offset smoker, and charcoal grill combo you're getting the best smoker and charcoal grill with the most practical features. The extra-roomy heavy-gauge steel smoker grill will let you feed the whole neighborhood if you please!

The vertical smoker chamber is equipped with seven removable steel cooking grates and is outfitted with heavy-duty hooks at the top above the top cooking grate. The offset smoker and grill go beyond your typical smoker grill combo setup. The 1382 square inch vertical smoker chamber is just the beginning of this must-have smoker grill combo.

How It Works

The Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS1382VCS-D HD grill smoker is ideal for barbecues. The grill and smoker of the offset smoker combo are created with the grill master in mind, with the cool-to-the-touch handles, wheels on the unit, and separate zones for the dial temperature range settings like the "Smoke Zone."

The grill has a separate access point to make adding lump coal or charcoal briquettes or cleaning the ash pan so simple; it resides right under the cooking grate. The results will make you want to invite your neighbors over just to share the magic of the Dyna-Glo smoker grill results. It's a good way to become their favorite neighbor!

Dyna-Glo Signature Series

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Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker

The Big Easy smoker, roaster, and grill combo is probab;y unlike anything you've ever thought about grilling on before. Rather than the traditional temperature range, you're cooking by BTUs. This is a gas grill, smoker, and roaster that has become the favorite outdoor cooking appliance of millions.

How It Works

The Big Easy Tru-Infrared is the future of gas grill cooking with the amazing 8,000-9,000 BTU temperature range!

The makers of the CharBroil smoker combo explain, "BTU [British Thermal Unit] is a measurement of the total heat output and fuel consumption per hour. On the most basic level, it’s the amount of thermal energy needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree.

"In the grilling industry, BTUs are a measurement of how much heat a gas grill generates at its maximum output," the experts ccontinued. "Think of BTU as a fuel efficiency rating, not how hot your grill will get."

The temperature control is unbeatable with a sealed top and well-insulated body of the cooking unit. The roaster and smoker grill combo offers complete control of the cooking without having to lift a finger.

You have a 180-square inch grate for ample cooking space for grilling. It also has a roasting basket that holds up to 25 pounds of food! With the new Tru Infrared technology that ensures evenly cooked food and zero flare-ups, cooking has never been easier.

Use the smoker box to add hickory or oak wood pellets or wood chips to blow your dinner guests away.

The combination of the Amazon reviews heralding the Big Easy as the best smoker grill combo they've ever cooked on and the introduction of cooking by BTUs should convince you that this appliance is a must-have.

Char-Broil The Big Easy

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Royal Gourmet CC1830S Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker

This the big one: the offset smoker grill combo. You'll successfully grill, roast, and smoke meat, fish, and veggies every time. With an ample cooking surface for whatever you intend to prepare and however you want to do it, there are no limits to what you can make.

You may have to fight the temptation to just go around grilling and smoking everything you can get your hands on!

How It Works

Royal Gourmet built this smoker combo with the grilling and smoking fanatics in mind.

With 811 square inches of cooking surface, front and side cooking space, hooks for grilling tools, and a bottom shelf for your 20-pound bag of charcoal briquettes or beer cooler, this offset smoker and charcoal grill is ready to let the good times roll.

The cooking surfaces are one 443-square inch and two 184-square inch porcelain-enameled steel wired cooking grate, a chrome-plated warming plate, and an offset smoker, respectively. An adjustable two-level charcoal pan capable of holding 4.4 pounds of lump coal will give the backyard chef more temperature control. The two dampers provide even more temperature control. The temperature range is monitored on the unit's lid.

You can easily add more charcoal briquettes or remove ashes from the smoker via the access point on the firebox's side door.

Royal Gourmet CC1830S

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Char-Broil 12201570-A1 American Gourmet Offset Smoker

The pretty straightforward offset smoker, BBQ, and charcoal grill from Char-Broil has the essentials to create great fun, priceless memories, and fantastic food!

How It Works

The spacious cooking surface has 290 square inches of room on the cooking grate and 140 square inches of room in the smoking chamber. The adjustable steel cooking grate, the dampers, and the extra cooking space let you call the shots.

Clean-up is super quick and easy with the cleanout door for the ash pan. This is undoubtedly the best overall value in our opinion based on the quality, durability, temperature control, and cooking surface.

Char-Broil 12201570-A

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Now You're Smoking (AND Grilling)!

When you realize your grill can't really smoke a beautifully tender and juicy brisket as a smoker can, or your appliance is a bit worn out from years of faithful service, you know that it's time to take action.

You just can't bear the thought of putting another fine cut of meat in the crockpot. Face it. It's time to make a change. This guide should help you discover the best smoker grill option to meet your outdoor cooking needs.

Armed with the information provided in this article, you can finally replace those tired, old, boring cooking appliances with a new smoker grill combo. It's time to get back in the grilling game.

Get ready to put on your "Kiss the Cook" apron again and feel the thrill of firing up a brand new smoker grill combo. 

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