The Best Flat Iron Grills You Should Consider Buying

food cooking on a flat iron grill

Summer is just around the corner, and people have already taken out their grills for outdoor cooking. There are a variety of grills available in the market, and if you’re looking for a new one, flat iron grills are a good option. If you’ve never grilled before, you might be confused about what what kind of grill would be suitable for you. The grilling process is supposed to be easier, but with the increase in demand, there are multiple grill options to choose from. Better grills, and some great innovations that can make it seem overwhelming.

A flat-top iron grill is an excellent option if you want to cook outside but want versatility. With a flat-top grill, you can cook everything from burgers to stir-fries to eggs to traditional Teppanyaki-styles dishes that you’d find in Japanese hibachi restaurants. Traditional grills result in grate marks on your burgers. Despite the low temperature, you can still sear those burgers well – the high temperatures are enough to cook the food. 

A lot of people find the process of grilling to be tedious. But the fact is, you can cook in minutes with a grill. You just need to fire it up, and your food will be ready in minutes. A number of different grill types are available in the market, including charcoal, pellet, electric, portable, and tabletop styles. However, gas grills are the best option for those who want easy outdoor cooking. It’s relatively easy to use, even for grilling newbies. They heat up quickly and usually provide enough surface area to cook for a large family. So, what are flat iron grills and why are they considered handy? . Let’s find out.

What is a Flat Iron Grill

As the name suggests, flat-top grills are outdoor cooking appliances with a large, flat cooking surface. Gas burners are usually used to heat these models, but they can also be heated with charcoal or pellets. Despite being strong, the cooking surface never comes into contact with the flame. 

Since flat-top grills comprise solid surfaces, they prevent small food items from falling into the fire. This means that more types of food can be cooked than on a traditional grill. For example, pancakes, fried rice, and eggs can all be cooked this way. A flat-top grill may also hold grease on the cooking surface, where it can accumulate. Cooking on a griddle involves pouring the grease into a grease cup.

Grills with flat tops can have either griddle or grill cooking surfaces and have some similarities. There are rectangular shapes with two or more burners, and they don’t have a cover or lid, they’re completely open. Usually, flat-top grills don’t have anything to cover the cooking surface, so they’re not suitable for low and slow cooking or smoking (although some may have three low sides to prevent food splatter).

Grills with flat surfaces do, however, offer full access to the cooking area. Traditional grills that comprise a flip-up lid usually come with warming racks in addition to solid sides that can make accessing all of the cooking area hard at times, particularly when there is a lot of food on the grill.

Pros of Cooking on a Flat Iron Grill 

A cast iron grate is always the most convenient tool to grill good food on a gas or charcoal grill. The cast-iron cooking surface is preferred by most professional chefs over all other grill grates because it has many benefits that make grilling any type of food much simpler. Below are the benefits:

Sturdier Grilling Surface

Especially for fish, most standard metal grill grates are notorious for causing food to fall through the bottom of the grill. Alternatively, cast iron grates are sturdier and designed with less open space, which decreases the chance of this happening. In addition, a heavier and sturdier surface helps ensure that the grate won’t shift when you turn your food on the grill.

Even Heat Distribution

The temperature of charcoal can also fluctuate, which can cause the metal grill grates to become hot on one side and remain cool on the other. Sadly, some dishes are overcooked while others are underdone as a result. In contrast to metal, cast iron grate distributes and holds heat evenly across the entire surface once it has been thoroughly heated, which helps solve this dilemma. Therefore, heat is always transferred evenly!

person cooking chicken on a flat top grill

Retention of Heat

A Bar-B-Que grill’s heat level can be affected by many factors. Heat fluctuations can occur due to humidity and temperature levels, wind gusts, the heat source, and the charcoal’s quality.

Most Bar-B-Que grills come with standard metal grates that do not retain heat well, which can cause the surface to constantly heat up or cool down depending on the temperature of the charcoal. Cast iron grate will avoid this problem since, once heated, and it maintains constant temperatures regardless of fluctuations in the temperatures of the charcoals underneath it.

Well-Seared Food

A well-seared meal touches the grates. Therefore, food that can be cooked for only a short period of time while benefitting from a darker outer crust should benefit from this technique.

Another advantage of cooking on cast-iron is that it combines the benefits of stovetop cooking on cast-iron pans with outdoor barbecuing. A good sear will occur where the grates touch the meat, and the heat will be transferred efficiently. You can do this while your charcoal is dying down so that you can cook your food thoroughly.

Easy Cleaning

There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing your delicious meal stuck on the grill. Flipping the meat makes the perfectly browned grill marks disappear into the fire.

Cleaning the grills is one of the most challenging jobs after cooking a delicious B.B.Q. Meal. Even though cast-iron grill grates shouldn’t be immersed in water, they can be easily cleaned. Any residue that needs to be removed from the grill grate can usually be easily removed by wiping it off with a paper towel or grill brush once the seasoning oil has dried.

The grates can be prevented from becoming clogged if they are appropriately cleaned. There are some amazing techniques for preparing and cooking food that can also prevent clogging.

Longer Life

Metal grasses are prone to rusting and wearing out quickly. An iron grill grate can last a lifetime if it is adequately maintained. It is essential to keep the cast iron constantly seasoned to prevent it from rusting. Although some rust may appear, it can easily be removed using a wire brush. A brushing can restore the grate’s original appearance and prepare it for re-seasoning.

Top-Rated Iron Grills To Buy

You can add a flat-top grill to your outdoor cooking setup and have the finest grilling experience. Here are the best flat iron grills you should consider buying:

Blackstone Flat TopGas GrillGriddle 2 Burner Propane Fueled Rear Grease Management System, 1517, Outdoor Griddle Station for Camping with Built-in Cutting Board and Garbage Holder, 28 inch

The Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle offers 470 square inches of flat top grilling for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is possible to cook eggs, pancakes, quesadillas, grilled cheese, steak, potato, and Teppanyaki foods. Additionally, there is a bottom shelf and two side shelves for storing and preparing food. Thanks to this grill’s simple assembly and easy usage, your food will be grilled in no time. 

The battery-powered push-button ignition of this grill eliminates the hassle of kerosene, charcoal. Griddles are ready to use with the simple push of a button. Now you can enjoy the outdoors more instead of worrying about cooking. A removable griddle top, foldable legs, and four heavy-duty caster wheels allow it to be easily carried around your backyard or transported to a campsite. You can easily remove the griddle top, fold the legs and wheels, and store it as needed. 

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Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 BurnerFlat TopGas Grill Propane Fueled Restaurant Grade Professional 36″ Outdoor Griddle Station with Side Shelf, 36 Inch, Black

This Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill offers 720 square inches of flat top grilling space. This makes it ideal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It features an updated grease management system. New rear grease management is now available on all units. The drain may be located at the unit’s rear or front. A total of 60 000 BTUs are controlled by four independently controlled stainless steel burners, allowing for a variety of cooking methods. 

The tank is filled with propane, tucked neatly under the left side shelf, and can accommodate a 20lb tank. Built to last, the Blackstone grill is powder-coated black steel, has stainless steel burners, and is made from thick cold-rolled steel. It is the best gas grill on Amazon. Cleanup after meals is easy because of the easy-to-clean surface. This skillet will suffice whether you are cooking for the whole family or your entire neighborhood. It has four solid stainless steel burners that can be adjusted independently. Cooking delicious meals has never been easier.

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Blackstone Adventure-Ready 2-Burner 28″ Outdoor Griddle

The Blackstone Adventure-Ready 28″ Griddle Cooking Station will fulfill your entire family’s cooking desires. With two wheels, a non-slip handle for easy positioning, and folding legs that provide portability, this outdoor griddle is perfect for grilling lovers. Its 524 square inches of cooking space provides the ultimate versatility with two independently controlled cooking zones with a combined 34,000 BTU. One side shelf provides additional prep space within reach, while the lower shelf provides ample storage. No matter what your griddling style is, this Blackstone griddle station is sure to fulfill your preferences. 

An industry-leading rear grease management system makes cleanup easy. It comes with stainless steel burners and piezo ignition, making it even more essential for you to enjoy great grilling.

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Royal Gourmet GB4000 36-inch 4-BurnerFlat Top Propane Gas GrillGriddle, for B.B.Q., Camping, Red.

A total of 784 square inches of ceramic-coated steel make up the flat top griddle plate on the Royal Gourmet GB4000 4-Burner Gas Griddle. The perfect cooking surface for outdoor barbecues! With an overall output of 52,000 BTUs, the stainless-steel tube burners allow you to cook different foods at your chosen temperature. Several seasonings and accessories can be stored on the side tables. 

Large, removable grease cups collect grease from drippings for quick and easy cleanup. A brake system is integrated into the four caster wheels, allowing easy transport. On the bottom, there is a sturdy shelf offering plenty of storage space. On the side tables, there is additional room to store accessories and seasoning. This grill facilitates effortless clean-up with minimal effort by ensuring efficient grease management.

Royal Gourmet GB4001B 4-BurnerFlat TopGas Grill 52000-BTU Propane Fueled Professional Outdoor Griddle 36inch Backyard Cooking with Side Table, Black.

Invest in a Royal Gourmet GB4001B 4-Burner Flat Top Gas Grill instead of your old grill or B.B.Q., and you won’t regret it! This grill is simple to use and easy to assemble, so you’ll be cooking within minutes. A thick, flat top cast iron griddle plate measures 36.22″ long by 21.65″ wide, for a total surface area of 784 square inches. This amazing grill is an excellent choice for large outdoor B.B.Q. parties! In addition, four powerful stainless-steel burners provide an overall output of 52000 BTU, independently controlled with low and high-temperature settings for versatile cooking. 

A durable stainless-steel control panel and a black powder-coated steel cooking surface make this flat top Griddle of high quality. The grill features an easy-start push-button ignition so you can get cooking right away! Using this grill will eliminate outdoor cooking, so you can spend more time outdoors. This Royal Gourmet GB4001B 4-Burner Flat Top Gas Grill allows you to cook sausage, eggs, pancakes, steaks, fish, rice, vegetables, teriyaki-style foods, and more!

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Blackstone 36″ Cooking Station 4 Burner Propane Fueled Restaurant Grade Professional 36 Inch Outdoor Flat TopGas Griddle with Built-in Cutting Board, Garbage Holder, and Side Shelf (1825), Black

In addition to the Griddle, the Blackstone 36″ Cooking Station 4 comes with Blackstone’s new and improved side shelf, which provides a cutting board, paper towel holder, and trash bag hooks. The Blackstone 36″ Cooking Station 4 also features Blackstone’s new rear grease management system. You can cook more than just breakfast and stir-fry with this awesome flat top griddle! Whether you’re cooking steak or chicken with mushrooms, or fish and vegetables, you can cook it all easily. 

In addition to retaining all the flavors and juices from your food, cooking on this flat top allows you to maintain that crisp in the food. Handles are made of durable plastic that is heat resistant, allowing you to safely grasp them barehanded. Additionally, this high-quality stainless steel construction can withstand high heat, resists odors, and is dishwasher safe. The iron griddle top can be removed, and the fold-up legs and four caster wheels allow it to easily roll around the yard or be transported to the campsite.

Camplux FMGG302B 2-BurnerFlat TopGrill

A flat-top grill can be a good investment, particularly for people on a budget. Many features distinguish Camplux’s model from more expensive options. For instance, it’s easy to clean and move, it ignites quickly, cooks evenly, and it comes with two fixed side tables. As a result, it’s a great grill for small backyards or patios, even though more burners would have been nice. It measures 14.9 x 13.4 inches. The cooking area measures 179 square inches, which is more than enough for about six steaks. 

If you’re unsure which grill or Griddle to choose, this model includes both. A flat-top griddle surface is an alternative to the traditional grill rack. Switch to the flat-top Griddle for cooking sandwiches, breakfast items, and fajitas while using the grill for meats, kebabs, and foil packs. Since one grill is capable of the work of two, a combination grill like this one offers the most versatility and the most cost-effective and space-saving solution.

Final Thoughts

Professional cooks prefer cast iron, and it is commonly found in commercial kitchens. However, cast iron does require careful maintenance. Cast iron’s heavy mass absorbs and retains heat to ensure that food on the grill is seared to seal in natural juices. Cast iron grills are usually coated in a porcelain finish, making them easier to clean and also prevent rusting. The grill may chip if mishandled, and the coating will wear away; this will not affect the grill’s performance in any way. Grills with a flat top are among the most versatile grills ever devised. Grills with a flat top have an advantage over regular grills, in that they can cook multiple dishes at once. For example, they can cook pancakes, eggs, and fried rice. You can also grill steaks, hamburgers, and hot dogs if you want some meat. 

Now that cast iron grill grates are readily available from various sources, they can either be purchased already seasoned or seasoned according to the instructions included with the grate. It’s guaranteed that you’ll receive a wonderful Barbecue grilling experience either way. However, you may find it difficult to decide what flat top grill you should get for your home. It is easy to get lost in the details of all the models and brands claiming to have the best features. Hence, choose a grill that would suit your preferences and budget.

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