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Grilling pizza on a stone

People have used different cooking methodologies over the years, including fire pits, charcoal grills, pizza ovens, ceramic pizza stones, toaster ovens, grill grates, portable grills, air fryers, and various other methods.

Cooking with hot stones has been practiced since the dawn of time, long before modern grills and stoves were invented. Rocks were used to transmit heat and securely cook food to eat in the early days of maintaining a fire. Cooking with heated rocks is still beloved and celebrated in many cultures worldwide, including Asian Fusion.

A hot stone grill and a family-style gathering will liven up your supper nights. Family and friends of any diet can gather around the hot slab to prepare, cook and enjoy a stone-fired meal together. When there are a variety of diet-restricted eaters in a group, eating out might be difficult. However, because you may incorporate foods that appeal to everyone’s tastes, stone grilling is one of the most significant ways to organize an inclusive night. Be inventive with protein-rich veggies for vegan and vegetarian meals and consider a separate rock slab for your meat and fish.

Let’s take a look at some tips for making this season’s stone cooking spectacular. This guide will explore how to grill on stone plus our top product picks.

What Is Grilling on Stone?

A grilling stone is an excellent addition to your oven, gas grill, or charcoal barbecue. If desired, you may raise the hot stone and put it at the table for serving with an optional attachment kit. The rocks you gather for your cooking surface are crucial. Keep an eye out for stones the size of an egg when you’re picking. Once the fire is lit, this size enables smooth heat transmission and provides adequate power to cook your food.

Because of its large thermal mass, the grill stone is an excellent instrument for cooking and serving meat, bread, and pizza. This uniform heat distribution allows you to sear big slices of cold meat and crisp and brown pizza dough.

Include your guests in getting things ready to eat, whether you’re having a clambake or a rock-slab-style night. This might entail creating the rock grill itself or simply being present to assist in the cutting of the meat and veggies that everyone intends to prepare. Rock-grilling nights are ideal for ‘potluck’ style events, where everyone contributes an ingredient to cook and share with the community.

Grill stones are smooth, allowing quick heat transfer from the stone to the meal. Grill stones will become very non-stick once it has reached the desired temperature. As a result, no metallic tastes are conveyed in your meal, unlike iron and steel. The surface also protects your family from potentially toxic corroding metals on a mass-produced gas grill grate and metal.

Because it produces a flat, sturdy, and firm surface for cooking soft and malleable items like pizza, salmon, bacon, and chopped vegetables, a cooking stone on a grill opens up a whole new world of food preparation. The grill stone may be used to cook anything that falls through the grill grates. However, the most significant benefit of a grill stone is the uniform distribution of heat. The stone between the open flames and the food absorbs and uniformly distributes the heat, ensuring that all of your meats, veggies and sides are cooked to the same temperature.

How to Grill on Stone?

Cooking on a stone is both an old method of food preparation and a form of dinner theatre. It’s a well-known and often used method of cooking beef both inside and out, and other food items as well, and it’s worth a try. It’s also something you can do at home. You may buy pre-prepared grilling stones or go out and locate your own to make it more of an occasion. Buying fresh meat or seafood and then heading out to select your stone transforms an ordinary supper into something memorable!

The stone should have a consistent thickness and be large enough to hold the meat you’re going to cook. Before cooking, give the stone a good clean or a wash. Warm the stone until it gets very hot. Build a fire, so the stone is an inch or two above the blazing embers if you’re cooking your steak on a stone over a fire or grill. Allow it to heat up for an hour before adding your meat or seafood. You can coat the stone with oil to keep it from sticking, but you don’t have to.

If you’re cooking at home, heat your cooking stone for 30 minutes on the stovetop. The stone can alternatively be grilled or baked for 40 minutes at a high temperature. The stone should be approximately 250 degrees Celsius before cooking for maximum results. Grilling stones should be heated to a temperature of 280-350 degrees Celsius for best results (approx. 540 -660 Fahrenheit). This may be done at home on the stove (20-30 minutes), under the grill (30-40 minutes), in the oven (40 minutes), or even on the grill. The simplest and most compact way to heat many stones at once is to use a commercial oven range.

Needless to add, the stones will only absorb the maximum heat generated by your selected technique, but each home will be able to accept at least one of the methods listed above. Once you’re comfortable with how they’re heating, you may play with the temperature that’s best for what you’re cooking and how you want it served.

Remember to use some hand protection when shifting the cooking stones. If cooking outside, a rolled-up sweater or a pair of thick gloves; if cooking at home, oven gloves. Because these stones are extremely hot, you must take precautions to protect your skin. When ready to cook, you’ll also need a heat-resistant surface to set the stones on.

Once the stone has been appropriately heated and placed somewhere, it’s time to add the meat. If you wish to use oil, go ahead and do so. Place the meat on the stone and keep an eye on it while it cooks. Listen to the sizzle and inhale the delicious aroma of fresh food prepared right in front of your eyes. It’s a total sensory overload!

A grill stone should be handled with care after usage, using oven gloves, since they will stay hot for more than an hour. However, you can easily clean them by putting them in a sink with warm water and leaving them there for about 20 minutes, after which you can wipe the surface clean.

Following are the top product picks for grilling on stone.

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Vision Grills Lava Cooking Stone for Pizza, Meats, Seafood, and Vegetables (14)

The Vision Grills Lava Cooking Stone for Pizza preserves the flavor, moisture, and nutrients in food while preventing flare-ups, which can cause food to burn.


The 14-inch Dual-Purpose Lava Cooking Stone from Vision Grills is an excellent alternative to typical grilling surfaces. It is made entirely of natural volcanic lava stone, naturally wonderful at transferring heat, and will not fracture or break when subjected to high temperatures. It’s made to fit most barbeque grills and may also be used as a heat deflector when smoking.

The Vision Grills stone is a cutting-edge piece of barbecue equipment that will improve your grilling experience. This stone provides a new cooking surface for succulent meats, seafood, veggies, and even pizza, as well as heat diffusion for smoking. The vision grills stone holds marinades and sauces while enhancing the food’s inherent flavors. In addition, it helps keep moisture and nutrients in the food by distributing heat evenly.

Artestia Cooking Stones for Steak, Steak Stones Sizzling Hot Stone Set, hot Rock Cooking Stone Indoor Grill, Steak Stone Cooking Set/BBQ/Steak Grill(Deluxe Set with Two Stones on One Bamboo Platters)

The Artestia Cooking Stones for Steak enables you to grill like an expert, allowing you to precisely regulate how the steak is cooked at your table, resulting in a healthy, tasty, and flavorful meal.


The Artestia Cooking Stones make grilling much more enjoyable! Heat the stones in an oven or on the stovetop until they are sizzling hot and ready to use on the table to prepare a delicious meal. The drop groove on the stones aids in the drainage of sauce, making them very easy to clean and maintain.

This deluxe set includes two food-grade grills, Cooking Stones (L 6.9″ x W 6.1″ x D 1″, every 4.4 pounds), one bamboo platter with a  stainless steel tray, a ceramic side plate, and three sauce bowls made of high-density granite stone that can better retain heat. To avoid being burned, use extreme heat-resistant kitchen BBQ gloves to touch hot stones gently.

Cooking Stone- Extra Large Lava Hot Stone Tabletop Grill Cooking Platter and Cold Lava Rock Indoor BBQ Hibachi Grilling Stone (12.5″ x 7.5″) w Bamboo Platter

The Cooking Stone- Extra Large Lava Hot is the best buy for grilling excellent meats and vegetables directly on your tabletop.


Good Cooking, a unique series of inventive kitchen gadgets that blend rational function with a sleek and modern aesthetic, brings you the Extra Large Lava Hot Stone. They seek to create goods that are simple to use, clean and integrate into the modern household. For example, the Hibachi Grilling Stone comes with a steak stone made of 100% food-grade basalt, a stainless steel tray, and a bamboo serving dish.

The Lava Stone is simple to use, clean, and keep secure. Warm the lava stone in the oven or on the grill. Before placing the hot stone in the bamboo serving dish, remove it safely and place it in the stainless steel tray. It could also be used as a cold stone for serving cheese, grapes, and crudite platters. With the basalt cooking stone, you can prepare meat, fish, and vegetables directly at the table with the entire family.

Artestia Cooking Stones for Steak, Indoor Grill Sizzling Hot Stone Set, Steak Stones hot Stone Cooking, hot Rock Cooking Stone Set Barbecue / BBQ / Hibachi / Steak Grill (One Deluxe Set with Two Stones)

The Artestia Cooking Stones for Steak is an excellent tool for cooking & serving meat, bread, and pizza, owing to its large thermal mass, making it the best buy.


Because of its large thermal mass, the Artestia Cooking Stones are a perfect tool for cooking and serving meat and bread. This uniform distribution of heat allows you to sear thick cuts. Furthermore, the cooking Stones are smooth, allowing rapid heat transfer from the stone to the meal. The Cooking Stone will become very non-stick once it reaches the desired temperature.

Natural stone with little embodied energy is used in the Artestia Deluxe Set withTwo Cooking Stones, making it ideal for environmentally concerned chefs. Besides, the stones are simple to clean and maintain; wash with water and dish soap after the stone has reached room temperature, wipe away the excess water, and leave it to air dry.

Artestia Cooking Stones for Steak, Double Cooking Stones in One Sizzling Hot Stone Set, steak stone cooking set Barbecue / BBQ / Hibachi / Steak Grill (One Deluxe Set with Two Stones)

The Artestia Cooking Stones for Steak are perfect for stone cooking, the healthiest and most delicious way to cook, so you can slow down and enjoy the moment.


Artestia is a Californian firm that manufactures kitchen and household equipment. The solid Artestia granite stone includes a stainless steel liner and a perfect-fit bamboo tray. The stone is thick and dense enough to keep food warm for the duration of most meals. And, if you sear both sides of the steak and then cut it into thin strips according to the supplier’s instructions, you can prepare the steak or chicken, prawns, etc., perfectly.

The Artestia Cooking Stones are simple to use; set the block in the oven for 30-40 minutes at its highest temperature. Then remove it from the range with oven-safe gloves, season the block, and set the thawed meat on the hot block. You cook each side to your liking, and within 10-15 minutes, you’ll eat the best-prepared beef you’ve ever tasted. These are also ideal for outdoor dining.

Black Rock Grill Hot Steak Stone Cooking Rock Set

The Black Rock Grill Hot Steak Stone is the most recent design. Its ultra-slim board is ideal for presenting alongside sides, sauces, and dips.


The Black Rock Grill Hot Steak Stone is suitable for appetizers, entrees, and main courses and can be served with sides, sauces, and dips. The rock is big enough to hold a 10 oz/12 oz (300+ gram) ribeye or rump steak. A Bamboo Board (10.6″ x 7.4″ x 1.3″), a Cooking Stone (7.8″ x 5.1″ x 1.2″), and a Stainless Steel Underplate are included in the box.

Once the stone has reached the correct temperature, there is enough heat for each guest to have their own steak stone cooking set, allowing them to prepare their meal perfectly! Heat and serve! The Black Rock steak stone cooking set may be used to prepare a wide variety of foods and recipes; don’t limit yourself to steaks! Hot stone cooking is a healthy way to eat because no fat or oil is required in the cooking process.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Vital VGL1000-01 Volcano Stone Cooking Tile, 8″ x 12″

The Vital Volcano Stone Cooking Tile is 100 percent natural and comes from Italy’s volcanic regions.


The Vital Volcano Stone Cooking Tile is a high-rated thermal conductive surface that can absorb heat from a cooktop, oven, or grill and may be used to sear swiftly, grill, and cook your favorite meals. Discover hot stone cooking, initially discovered thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt to avoid charring from an open flame.

The Volcano stone gives you a whole new way to make a delightful crust on any meat, chicken, fish, or vegetable while keeping all of the natural flavors, moisture, and nutrients intact. The tile can also be heated to be placed on the table for a Plancha-style experience, with each bite cooked to your specifications. The cooking tile is ideal for grilling, Plancha-style grilling, stovetop cooking, and serving cold salads or desserts.

Vital VGL1000-01 Volcano Stone Cooking Tile, 8" x 12"

Final Thoughts

Cooking on a stone is both an old method of food preparation and a form of dinner theatre. It’s a well-known and often used method of cooking beef inside and out, and it’s worth trying. There are many different types of grilling stones on the market, including those with handles and burners, but they all follow similar usage and maintenance rules. So what will you be able to prepare on your new grill addition? Pizzas are a natural choice, but imagine bigger! On the grill, you can now prepare full meals. You can prepare flank steak, shrimp, veggies, and flatbread. Adding a grill stone to your barbecue allows you to experiment with new recipes and cooking ways that every grill lover will appreciate.

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